Holy Trinity is a member of  The Scottish Episcopal Church and you can find us in Melrose in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

With some restrictions, we are now delighted to welcome you back to the Church in person, and we look forward to seeing you.

Visit our Contact us page if you have any questions, would like more information and to see a map of our location.


Please join us for our Sunday worship

You can join Holy Trinity's Sunday services in a number of ways:


Sunday August 7  at 11 am -         First Sunday Service



Sunday August 7 at 6:30 pm -         Choral Evensong

Wednesday August 10 at 11am  -     Said Eucharist 



DVDs and CDs of the services are available for anyone who has no internet access. Just let us know.

Sanitised pots of consecrated communion wafers are available in the church porch. Please let us know if you can’t get there


                             Holy Trinity Morning Prayer

Due to holidays, there will be NO Zoom Prayer Meeting until Friday 19th August.

MUSIC and POEM of the Week


Monteverdi – Magnificat



Blessing for a Living-Room

by Nancy Byrd Turner (in public domain)

Let this room live, in truth,
With sunlight on the floor
And firelight on the wall,
And wind around the door,
And the clock’s call.

Here shall true love abide
Through every sort of weather,
Making its own wise cheer;
Hearts happy together
The length of the year.

Here shall be honest mirth,
Face catching light from face,
The sound of happy laughter
From chuckling chimney-place
To ruddy rafter.

Here shall be life indeed,
Whatever fortune falls,--
Here, at the core of home,
Within these four plain walls
A Living room.




Hymn of the Day

Sing along to a new hymn every day on the Royal School of Church Music's YouTube channel.

Choral Evensong

Visit Choral Evensong's livestreams and recorded webcasts of Evensong and Compline in Britain and Ireland at any time.

Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC)

NOT ONLINE?  The Archbishop of Canterbury has set up a Freephone Daily Hope service of hymns, prayers and readings. It is available 24 hours a day on 0800 8048044 RADIO 4 LONG WAVE. Daily morning service Mon-Fri 9.45am.

Many thanks for any donation you are able to make, which will help us to support our online and local congregations, and our local community.

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Current guidance for attending church:

  • We are now exempt from wearing masks in Church

  • However if you wish to wear a mask for some, or all of the service, you are welcome to do so. 

  • The area at the back is for those who feel safe, and more comfortable, if they can maintain social distance.

  • The pews are for people who do not feel the need to socially distance. 

  • Our Wednesday services will remain socially distanced.

  • The church is now open during daylight hours. It will not open on Sunday before the service to enable the Rector to give everything a quick wipe down!

Online Services for Children

Diocesan service from St. Mungo's Balerno.  Join us for Mighty Mungo’s focused on families and primary age at 10am Sundays. Every week our team are producing high quality resources for our families to engage with as we seek to support our kids in this season. Our resources are here: https://stmungos.org/  Look down the page for Children and Youth and select Pre-school video resources or Primary video resources or Youth video resources

Provincial Children’s Chapel - You can join this week’s Children’s Chapel from 8am at: https://www.scotland.anglican.org/broadcast-sunday-worship/ scroll down to Children’s Chapel and choose either  Facebook or Youtube