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Philip Blackledge
Rev Philip Blackledge



Giles Cuthbert
Giles Cuthbert
Rector’s Warden


The Rector’s warden is appointed by the rector and shares the chairing of Vestry meetings. The job of Rector’s warden is to help and advise the Rector, to help him with some of the aspects of running the church and to take him for a pint on a regular basis.

John Barley
Vestry Treasurer



Rev. Margaret Pederson Curate


Liz Anderson
Liz Anderson
Pastoral Care Co-ordinator


Caring for one another is a very important part of our church life.  Liz and her team visit those who can’t make it to church & the elderly.  They also take part in our prayer circle, where we pray for anyone who asks us to.

David McNaughton
Vestry Secretary


The Vestry is the decision making body of the church.  David's job as Secretary is to organise the meetings, take minutes, and to make sure any decisions we make are carried out well.

John Wood
People's Warden

The People’s Warden brings to the priest & to the Vestry any issues raised by the congregation and acts as a welcoming face to the congregation on Sunday mornings.