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About Holy Trinity

Rev Philip Blackledge

Welcome to Holy Trinity’s website. I’m Philip Blackledge, and I’m the priest (Rector) of this church.


Holy Trinity is a group of people who gather together to give their thanks to God, to learn more about faith and spirituality, to support and look after one another, and who like to enjoy one another’s company.

We have a big mix of ages, from new-born children to people in their nineties, and we all gather on a Sunday morning to meet with one another and to find new ways of being kind to one another and to the world.


In these pages, you’ll find out more about us, about what we do, how we share our beliefs and our opinions with one another, and how we seek to care for the world, and the people who are less fortunate than ourselves.


But the best way of finding out about us is to come along! So enjoy these pages, and do contact us if you want to know more.

Cross mural on church wall
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