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Holy Trinity Calendar for this week Sunday 18th February          



11.00am        LENT 1   Sung Eucharist

             service is livestreamed


Wednesday       21st        

11.00am   Eucharist  In the Trinity Centre

7.30pm     Sung Eucharist           

Both services with Imposition of Ash for those who wish            

Friday    23rd

LENT GROUPS    These will be on Fridays beginning 23rd Feb 11.00am in the Trinity Centre for five weeks. The Lent Group focuses on "Jesus the healer". In it we will explain the difference between curing and healing, the place of spirituality in a modern scientific world. We will work through some of the healing miracles of Jesus and learn from them. Each session will be between forty five minutes and an hour.  There will be biscuits.

Sunday   25th      LENT 2

11.00am      Choral Eucharist


from the Diocese of Edinburgh

2024 Lent Course, Emotions of Jesus, available online

The Craftsman – Online Reflection series for Lent


from the Church of England

World Day of Prayer

We look forward to welcoming anyone able to join from Holy Trinity  World Day of Prayer (WDP) takes place every year on the first Friday in March. This year, it’s on 1/3/24, and the service is being hosted by Melrose and Bowden Parish Church, at 2.30pm in the Melrose church followed by refreshments and fellowship in the church hall. The service is written each year by a group of Christian women from a country nominated some years before by the WDP international committee. This year’s service has been written by Palestine.


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